Water Pal™ for Your Home

Water Pal™ can resolve several in-home, water-related problems such as hard or malodorous water.

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Water Pal™ for Your Hot Tub – A Good Substitute for Hot Tub Chemicals

Water Pal™ can eliminate annual maintenance costs for your hot tub and keep water chemical-free.

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Water Pal™ for Your Garden — Naturally Increase Yields in your Garden

Water Pal™ provides plants with optimal water conditions, which will naturally increase yields i

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Water Pal™

Water is essential for life on earth. Plants and animals require water to survive and water is called the…

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Comments Made by Satisfied Water Pal™ Customers “Our water is noticeably softer; in fact it FEELS and TASTES softer.”…

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The Future of Water Pal

Made In Oregon, Improving the Environment Water Pal™ is currently being used on several standard spa units.  Chemical usage…

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About Us

Water Pal™ is a product of RAH Manufacturing, LLC, a family-owned and operated company in Eastern Oregon. Russel Hunt…

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Get Better Water with Water Pal™

The Water Pal™

If you currently have problems with your water such as unfavorable taste, bad odors or hard water, we invite you to put Water Pal™ to the test.  Water Pal™ is a water-treatment device that improves the quality of water through electro-magnetic technology.  Wrap it around the water pipe leading into your home, plug it in and it goes to work!

Water Pal™ works by creating an electromagnetic field inside your water pipe. As water molecules pass through the electromagnetic field they become energized, causing minerals and other elements in the water to bond to the water molecules.  The effect is softer, clearer, better-tasting water with no added sodium or other chemicals.