The use of electromagnetic technology is the latest emerging field in water treatment.  Water Pal is involved in researching ways to improve your life.  Enjoy the benefits by installing Water Pal NOW

No Chemicals, not even salt!!   Installs in minutes on non-magnetic pipes.

All you need is standard 120v house current and Water Pal to get better water.


Call Now!!! To start saving and enjoying better water.


Welcome to the world of Water Pal. You have just entered the world where imagination meets expectation. The dream of a water treatment device that improves the taste of water, decreases the amount of water needed, uses no chemicals, is affordable and is simple to install is now a reality!

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Why Water Pal?

No Question 30 Day Return/Refund

  • Water Pal is made in OREGON, providing jobs for Americans workers.
  • Water Pal uses no chemicals or additives
  • Water Pal is easy to install on any nonmagnetic pipe
  • Water Pal is lightweight
  • Water Pal is clean
  • Water Pal is economical

Feel free to explore our site and learn about Water Pal, the newest and most innovative device for water treatment in the world.


Water Pal is not a water filter.  In some cases, such as extreme iron or sulfur or dirty water, the additional use of a filter may be necessary but Water Pal will improve the function of practically any water device.  The makers of Water Pal do not make any claim that this device can be used as a stand-alone water purification system.