Water Pal™ for Your Home

Water Pal™ can resolve several in-home, water-related problems such as hard or malodorous water.

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Water Pal™ for Your Hot Tub

Water Pal™ can eliminate annual maintenance costs for your hot tub and keep water chemical-free.

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Water Pal™ for your Garden

Water Pal™ provides plants with optimal water conditions, fostering much healthier plant growth.

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Water Pal

Water is essential for life on earth. Plants and animals require water to survive and water is called the…

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Here are some comments made by satisfied Water Pal customers: “Our water is noticeably softer; in fact it FEELS…

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The Future of Water Pal

Made In Oregon, Improving the Environment Water Pal™ is currently being used on several standard spa units.  Chemical usage…

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