Water Pal greenhouse for the purpose of testing aquaponics


Construction was just completed on a 10X12 greenhouse where we will be conducting experiments to evaluate the effectiveness of Water Pal on an aquaponics system. We will be setting up two separate systems that, we feel, would be the easiest for any hobbyist to do in their own backyard.

Using Industrial Bulk Containers (IBC) we will construct the grow beds as well as the fish holding tanks. The two systems will be identical except for one will be using a Water Pal unit and the other will not.

What we expect to see is what we have seen when using Water Pal for traditional gardening: More leaves, more buds and healthier roots resulting in more fruits and vegetables. We are also excited to see how Water Pal affects the fish. In ponds and water features the bacteria is controlled and fish flourish.

We’ll be posting updates on Facebook and waterpal.biz so be sure to check back to see how it’s going.