Water Pal Aquaponics Update

If you’ve been waiting for an update on our aquaponics system then today is your day. If your not familiar with what aquaponics is, its the practice of using fish waste to grow plants. The plants then send clean water back to the fish. This is an extremely oversimplified explanation so for more information here are a few of the websites that we have relied on for ideas and literature. www.backyardaquaponics.com, www.brightagrotech.com, www.friendlyaquaponics.com. Be sure and check out Bright Agrotech’s YouTube channel as well.

It’s been a long winter with many setbacks. The most major change was to the design of the system itself. Originally, I posted a picture of an aquaponics setup using Industrial Bulk Containers (IBCs). As it turns out, food grade IBCs without any holes and functioning valves are difficult to find in Northeastern Oregon. That caused us to rethink our entire design. What we decided to do was build it almost totally from scratch.

Water Pal Aquaponics SystemThe grow bed we made from 3/4 inch plywood. It is glued and screwed together then painted with a water resistant outdoor deck paint. The grow bed liner is simply pond liner that a person would use to make a pond or fountain in their yard. The fish holding tank is a horse water trough. The pump is one that we had around for many years and only needed a little maintenance to get it back in working order. The plumbing is all 3/4 inch PVC and all the fittings can be obtained at any hardware store. The grow media is lava rock that we purchased from our local landscaping and gardening center.

The point of all this, of course, is to test how Water Pal performs on an aquponics system. What we expect to see is that plants grow mare quickly producing more food. For more updates subscribe to our newsletter. We will also be posting videos highlighting different aspects of our systems construction, as well as interesting updates on our YouTube channel.