Can You Use Chlorinated or Tap Water with Aquaponics Projects? With Water Pal…Yes!

Protect your garden and aquaponics sytem with Water PalWe’ve had fish in our Water Pal aquaponics systems now for over 60 days. We had an idea of how many fish we needed, but it was never tested. For the size of our system, we have determined that 8-10 fish is the right number.

Our research also showed that universally, people were using non-chlorinated or de-chlorinated water in their systems.  If you were following when we did seed sprouting tests, you know that we used two trays – one watered with straight-out-of-the-tap chlorinated city water; the other with the same water treated with Water Pal.  The tray with Water Pal treated water sprouted 73% more seeds.  That led us to believe that we could use city chlorinated water in our aquaponics, so long as it is first treated with Water Pal.

After more than 60 days using only chlorinated tap water treated with Water Pal, both our aquaponics tanks have stabilized, just as they would have with non-chlorinated water. There is one swirl filter on each system and they get cleaned every other day.  At the second cleaning, we add water to replace what is lost when we collect the solids for disposal.  With every refill, we use only Water Pal treated city chlorinated water.

The big take-away for those following this experiment is that with the use of Water Pal, you can use chlorinated water in your aquaponics and hydroponics systems.  It will save you time and money!  Water Pal has added a level of safety to our aquaponics systems and it can do the same for you.

At this time we do not recommend using Water Pal on a closed loop system which contains fish. We will have more on that later.

Protect yourself in ways you’ve never considered.  Water Pal treats your water and gives you added piece of mind.  866-579-2040.