Water Pal Original

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Water Pal for Home or Hot Tub

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This original design for the Water Pal water treatment system demonstrates the backbone of our patented technology. Through a series of vortexing electromagnets, water quality is improved. Chemicals that are in the water become bound and no longer contribute to scaling or poor taste. Water heaters and valves tend to lose the chemical scale and efficiency improves to at or near new quality. In many cases the smell and taste of sulfur (that ugly rotten egg stench) is eliminated through the use of this small and efficient system.

The Water Pal Original is sufficient for reducing, and usually eliminating, the use of chemicals in hot tubs and other recirculating water applications.

Garden yields are improved and the amount of water necessary for irrigation is reduced. We have not found a single crop that was not improved through the use of Water Pal patented technology.

The Water Pal Original will accommodate any non-magnetic pipe up to approximately 1 1/4 inch outside diameter.

Customers say that they can actually feel the water sparkle when they hold it in their mouth. Amazing technology. Amazing results. No risk, 100% 30-day money back guarantee.

Water Pal units can be adapted to direct current rather than a transformer upon request.