How to Fix Sulfur or Rotten Egg Smell in Your Water

How to Fix Sulfur or Rotten Egg Smell in Your Water

A sulfur or “rotten egg” smell in your tap water most likely comes from the existence of hydrogen sulfide gas in the water supply.  Hydrogen sulfide gas can find its way into your water in a number of ways.  In some cases, the groundwater itself is the source of the gas, as hydrogen sulfide occurs naturally in some groundwater—a by-product of the decomposition process of organic material in the soil.  In other cases, bacteria convert naturally occurring sulfates in water to hydrogen sulfide gas; this is commonly seen in water in oxygen-starved environments, such as plumbing systems, wells, and in water treated with softeners.

Smells More Noticeable in Hot Water

In cases where hydrogen sulfide gas concentrations in water are on the low side, sulfur smells may be absent in cold water, or less easily detected.  However, hydrogen-sulfide-causing bacteria flourish in hot-water environments.  As such, smelly water is more commonly reported when hot water is in use.

Smelly Water Treatment

Several methods are commonly employed to treat sulfur-smell water, including chemical treatments, ion-exchange methods, distillation, and reverse osmosis.  Water-agitation systems may also be tried, and are required with some treatment options.  Costs vary for all these treatments.

A Simpler, Better Way

Water Pal is a simpler solution, and less costly over time.  Water Pal creates a vortexing electromagnetic field through which the water flows as it enters your home.  Water molecules passing through the field are agitated, resulting in water that is free of odors and other undesirable characteristics.

Installation of the Water Pal is simple, and because the Water Pal treats water before it enters your home (when installed consistent with installation recommendations), all the water in your home is freed of the sulfur or rotten-egg smell.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions about the Water Pal, installation, or how it works.