Is Water Pal warrantied?

In addition the 30 day money back guarantee, Water Pal provides a 3 year limited warranty that covers the Water Pal device (not including the power supply) so long as the Water Pal unit has not failed due to abuse or neglect. Any opening of or tampering with the Water Pal device will immediately void the warranty. The Water Pal power supply is warrantied for 12 months, so long as it has not been abused or neglected. It must be kept dry and not broken or cracked to be considered for warranty.

How long does the unit last?

The limiting factor is the transformer.  So far none have failed.  If one does fail, return the unit and we will replace the transformer and you will only pay the price of shipping.

How does Water Pal work?

Water Pal creates vortexing electromagnetic fields that cause changes in the water molecule.  Vortexing causes the water molecules to be agitated aggressively and become treated. The treated water molecule will hold minerals in solution for as much as 3 or 4 months. If the water is boiled, or exposed to microwaves, the minerals may settle to the bottom of the water container.  Water heaters DO NOT cause change in the treated water; the water is able to maintains its beneficial characteristics.  

Is Water Pal a water filter?

Water Pal is not a water filter.  In some cases, when water contains extreme iron or sulfur, the additional use of a filter may be necessary but Water Pal will improve the function of practically any water device.  The makers of Water Pal do not make any claim that this device can be used as a stand-alone water purification system.  

How does Water Pal differ from the magnets that I have fastened to my water pipe?

Standard magnets (permanent magnets) have a very uniform magnetic field that provide a minimal influence on water molecules.  Electromagnets (such as those we manufacture for Water Pal) are much stronger and the magnetic field less uniform.  Because of the vortexing design of Water Pal, the water molecule becomes highly energized, becoming more attracted to chemicals in the water.  The unwanted taste of chemicals is reduced by Water Pal and water's ability to carry chemicals is increased.  Combined with decreased surface tension of the water, the water will taste better and make fertilizing yards and gardens much more efficient.

How will Water Pal benefit me?

  • Softens water
  • Reduces or eliminates scale
  • Reduces soap usage
  • Reduces the surface tension of water
  • Improves taste of water
  • Can eliminate the need for bottled water
  • Can eliminate the effects of iron
  • Stops the smell or taste of chlorine
  • Reduces the need for after-shower lotions
  • Treats the ENTIRE home water needs
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • No maintenance required.

Are there potential adverse effects to water supplies with Water Pal?

There are NO known downstream ill effects with Water Pal, such as occurs in the use of salt or other chemical systems. One user disconnected a water treatment system that balances pH, softens water with salt and costs around $6,000. It is fully replaced by Water Pal.

How do I install Water Pal?

Just wrap Water Pal around any nonmagnetic water pipe and plug it in.  The results are AMAZING. A standard household electrical receptacle is necessary for installation within about 2 feet of the placement of the device.  Water Pal wraps around the water pipe and requires about 18” of nonmagnetic water pipe without bends. One Water Pal treats ALL of the water for the home if placed on the primary water pipe to the home.  Water Pal treats ALL of the water that goes through the pipe, including lawn and garden uses.    

What are the electrical requirements for Water Pal?

Water Pal uses about the same amount of electricity as a computer.  Water Pal is fully self-contained and requires regular household current to operate.  

Does Water Pal reduce mineral build-up in plumbing?

Water Pal begins to soften and remove existing mineral build-up as soon as it is installed.  We recommend that hot water tanks be drained after 30 days as a result of the removal of scale from the inside of the tank.  Filters or screens in the system may require cleaning as well.  This initial cleansing effect is temporary due to the fact that the plumbing continues to stay clean. This is the inside of a water pipe.  A unit using Water Pal technology had been wrapped around a 2-inch copper pipe. The shiny silver ball is a ball valve. You can see white scale, which is calcium build-up, in the pipe from incoming city water prior to the installation of the unit.  The pipe clean area you see is clean downstream of the unit as far as could been seen.

What happens to the scale that is removed from the pipe?

Most of the scale is composed of calcium carbonate.  Water Pal causes a chemical change that turns the scale to calcium bicarbonate, which is water soluble. Your body can absorb the calcium bicarbonate and use it.  Some small pieces of the scale may accumulate in faucet screens and will need to be rinsed out.  We recommend that you flush your water heater after 30 days since Water Pal will cause the scale on the heating elements to release; therefore, it may also increase the efficiency of the heater.