Water Pal™

Water is essential for life on earth. Plants and animals require water to survive and water is called the universal solvent.  Because of the electromagnetic nature of water, it can carry a multitude of dissolved or suspended minerals. These same electromagnetic forces and minerals will create an effect on the pH, hardness, absorbability, taste and corrosiveness of water.

When Water Pal™ energizes the water molecule, dissolved chemicals become bound through improved hydrogen bonding to the water molecule, improving the taste of the water.  Tests are being conducted to determine the effects of Water Pal™ on water purity.  Re-circulation of the water through Water Pal™ has resulted in reduction of bacteria.  Single pass testing is currently underway.


In 2010 a device using Water Pal™ technology was installed on a domestic water system.  For testing purposes the homeowner disconnected a water softener which used salt and a pH balancer.  In 2011 the new and improved Water Pal™ replaced that device.  The result was noticeably softer water.  The amount of dishwasher soap, dish detergent and laundry detergent was substantially reduced.  Cleaning the shower and bathtub takes much less time and mineral buildup on kitchen and bathroom plumbing is practically gone.  The original salt water softener and pH balancer were never reconnected.

One customer was using a water treatment machine that sat on the counter next to the sink and cost more than $2000.  It treated the water from one faucet, resulting in pH changes.  Water Pal™ was installed and the homeowner declared that all of the water in the house was improved.  The $2000 device is still in use and works much better.  The homeowners stated that if they had first installed Water Pal™, for under $600, they would not have purchased the more expensive device.

The amount of water needed to adequately hydrate lawns and gardens is noticeably less with the use of Water Pal™.  The water is more absorbable and plants appear healthy sooner and longer.  Cut flowers have lasted twice as long without wilting.

Overall there have been improvements in water quality, reduced quantities of water used, improved water taste and cost savings in cleaning and laundering.  All of this with a Water Pal™ costing less than $600.

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