Comments Made by Satisfied Water Pal™ Customers

“Our water is noticeably softer; in fact it FEELS and TASTES softer.”
“I am using approximately 1/3 the amount of dish and laundry soap.  I love this device!”
“I guess it must have killed the chlorine in the city water because this year I had to put an algaecide  in my bird bath”
After sitting in the hot tub, it felt like I had put lotion on my body.”
“We planted flowers in our garden in November without using any fertilizer.  The only thing we did different was water the plants in with our treated water.  They didn’t go into shock as we expected and in the spring they were beautiful!”
“I can weed my garden an hour after I shut off the water. It’s muddy but the weeds pull great without breaking off because the water penetrates so fast.”
“Our animals seem to prefer the treated Water Pal water to untreated water. They also seem to drink less than before.”