The Future of Water Pal

poolsideMade In Oregon, Improving the Environment

Water Pal is currently being used on several standard spa units.  Chemical usage in virtually every case has been eliminated.  Our customers have commented on how clean and soft their skin feels.  No more irritated eyes or skin, and everyone leaves the spa feeling refreshed.

Also available in custom sizes to fit larger pool applications.

Water Pal™ Improves “Effectiveness” of Water

Application of Water Pal in agriculture indicates that irrigation and fertilization costs will decrease with use.  Less water is needed, as it is better absorbed by the soil, carrying fertilizer more efficiently to the plants.  In this way, Water Pal increases the “effectiveness” of the water it treats in agricultural applications.

reymsa_1024_DSC02883Water Pal™ Returns Safe Water to the Environment and Ensures Industrial EPA Standards

Use of Water Pal in industrial-scale cooling towers eliminated the need to use chemicals to treat the water, and returned safe water to the environment.

Additionally, during five years of testing Water Pal in this application, bacterial colony counts never once exceeded EPA standards.

In an era of increased environmental awareness, Water Pal shows that it is ahead of the curve.

ice-machineWater Pal™ Raises the Bar for Efficiency of Commercial Equipment

Multiple Water Pal units are currently being used to treat the water supply used in hospital ice-making machines.  With Water Pal in place, scale build-up has decreased dramatically, algae growth in the system has been reduced significantly, and cleaning time has been slashed.

According to our national field testing sites,
Water Pal improves every system into which it is introduced.