Eliminate Hard Water Problems with Water Pal™

Water Pal™ can help eliminate hard water problems in your home.

hard water problems are no match for Water Pal™See if you could benefit from Water Pal™:

  • Do you have hard water problems in your home?
  • Does your tap water deliver a poor, unfavorable taste, and have a strong, nasty smell?
  • Is your water cloudy?
  • Do you regularly clean stains and mineral deposits off your shower heads, faucets, walls and inside toilet bowls?
  • Do you use additives, chemicals and water softeners?
  • Do you currently use a water filter that requires regular changing and maintenance?
  • Do you frequently experience uncomfortably less water pressure with simultaneous water uses?
  • Do you support and use “green” technologies?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “Yes,” then your home needs Water Pal! Water Pal saves you time and money, and promotes good health.

good-home-waterAvoid Water Heater Damage with Water Pal™

If you have hard water in your home, the minerals in that water will likely cause problems in your appliances over time. This includes your water heater. As you use hot water, minerals build up inside the water heater.

This mineral build-up is referred to as “scale,” and usually consists of calcium and magnesium. Scale build-up will probably look like white particles or bits inside your plumbing fixtures. Scale build-up can cut down the estimated lifespan of your water heater significantly, so preventing scale build-up is a must. Not to mention that the average cost to replace a water heater is around $1,000!

Fortunately, Water Pal™ can help! Water Pal™ prevents the formation of scale and sediment, extending the life of your water heater. It can also increase water-heater efficiency and help lower your monthly water bills.