A Good Substitute for Hot Tub Chemicals – Water Pal™

Water Pal™ can eliminate annual maintenance costs for your hot tub and keep water chemical-free.

good substitute for hot tub chemicalsSee if you could benefit from Water Pal™:

  • Is the water in your hot tub ever cloudy?
  • Do unpleasant or caustic odors or smells ever come from your hot tub water?
  • Does your skin ever feel irritated after getting out of the hot tub?
  • Do you spend a lot of time trying to eliminate scum and other build-ups in your hot tub?
  • Do you have to replace the water in your hot tub frequently?
  • Do you often treat your water with chemicals and additives?
  • Do you support and use “green” technologies?
  • Have you been searching for a good substitute for hot tub chemicals?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “Yes,” then your hot tub needs Water Pal!

Avoid Costly Hot Tub Repairs

“Hard” water contains a high concentration of dissolved minerals (mostly calcium). When hard water is heated, the minerals form “scale” and build up on the inside of pipes, and on other surfaces.

Scale build-up puts strain on your hot tub’s heating element, as it prevents efficient heat transfer into the water. This causes your hot tub to use a lot more energy than it should to heat the water.  Over time, the effects of hard water on your hot tub lead to breakdowns and costly repairs.

“Soft” water, on the other hand, contains low amounts of minerals.  Soft water can be naturally occurring, but it is more commonly produced through chemical-based, water-treatment processes. Water Pal™ can provide your hot tub with soft water, but without the chemicals.  This is better for your hot tube, and for your skin!  The average cost of providing maintenance and chemicals to treat your hot tub water is about $600.  Save yourself time, money, and headache with Water Pal™.


Chemical-free Hot Tub with Water Pal™

The Bieglers’ Experience

“We have had a Water Pal unit on Our water system for a couple of years now and have been really impressed right from the start! There are so many benefits of having the Water Pal on your home system I don’t even know where to start but….You should see our tomatoes!!

We kept hearing about people using the units on their hot tubs so they wouldn’t need chemicals and wondered why it would not work on our back yard pop up pool. Last year I was dumping chemicals in daily and still having trouble keeping it nice for the kids to swim in.  We put a Water Pal Unit on the pool (15′ x 42”) around the first of June, since then I have only had to do minor maintenance about once a week.. Last year we spent over $300 on chemicals and this year with the water pal we have spent less than $100. A-N-D the best part….The water stays crystal clear and SOFT for the kids to swim in!!  Thanks Russ & Anita for telling us about Water Pal!

—Merv & Katie Biegler