Naturally Increase Yields in your Garden with Water Pal™

Water Pal™ provides plants with optimal water conditions, which will naturally increase yields in your garden.

naturally increase yields in your garden with Water PalSee if your garden could benefit from Water Pal™:

  • Does your garden struggle to grow healthy, productive plants?
  • Do you find that you must use chemicals and additives in your soil to get good gardening results?
  • Do you have to water more frequently than you feel you should?
  • Does excessive water use for gardening increase you monthly water bill?
  • Do you support the use of “green” technologies?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “Yes,” then your garden needs Water Pal!



The Water Pal™ Gardening Experiment

In 2013, to show the effect of water treated by the Water Pal™ in gardening applications, we enlisted the help of JD Cant, Agriculture Teacher at Imbler High School in Imbler, Oregon. As part of the FFA program, JD manages a series of greenhouses for the school. We asked him if we could conduct an experiment and observe plant growth and health using the school’s regular water supply, vs. water that had been treated using the Water Pal™.

One of the greenhouses featured an an automatic watering system with several watering “arms.” (see photo above) The setup was ideal. Using this automated system, we could water one set of plants with the untreated water and one set with water treated with the Water Pal™ water, by installing the Water Pal™ onto one of the arms. It would make for a great side-by-side comparison. Both sets of plants would receive the same amount of water, sunlight, fertilizer, etc.; only the water provided to them would differ.

Week by week, we documented the growth of both sets of plants, and you can see the results documented below.

  • Week 1 - The Water Pal™ plant (left) has a greater number of leaves than the control plant.

  • Week 2 - The Water Pal™ plant (left) is showing signs of rapid maturity; darker pigmentation, more leaves.

  • Week 3 - The Water Pal™ plant (left) has its first bud appear. The control plant shows only leaves.

  • Week 4 - The Water Pal™ plant (left) has many buds and is nearing bloom. One bud on the control plant.

  • Week 5 - The Water Pal™ plant (left) has one bloom; the control plant has still only has one bud.

  • Week 6 - The Water Pal™ palnt (left) is in full bloom with fuller color in both leaves and petals.

The final results of the experiment were remarkable, though not unexpected.  The plants given water treated by the Water Pal™ developed more rapidly and showed signs of better overall health:

  • Richer leaf color
  • More vibrant pigmentation in flower petals
  • Greater number of leaves and blooms

JD Cant Honored by FFA

Not quite two years after performing the above experiment with the Water Pal™, Mr. Cant was honored by the national Future Farmers of America (FFA) with the Outstanding Agricultural Education Teacher Award.